Pay per task model

We are introducing a new method for pricing and we have defined several task categories that describe the execution boundaries. We'll setup a test infrastructure so that application developers can evaluate the category of their submissions. Conversely, worker pools will be able to benchmark their infrastructures against the reference machine.

In the future, we'll redefine the categories, and provide more advanced tools for helping developers to maximize the usage of the infrastructure

Categories Description:


Maximum Computing Time (C)

Maximum Deal Time (D)

0 – XS

5 min

50 min

1 – S

20 min

200 min (3h20m)

2 – M

1 hour


3 – L

3 hour

30h (1d6h)

4 – XL

10 hour

100h (4d4h)

  • Each worker will allocate C minutes to compute the application. If the computation is not completed within this Maximum Computing Time, the running application will be stopped.

  • From a buyer perspective, a requester will be able to claim a task of a deal after D minutes if the task is not completed within the Maximum Deal Time.

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