iExec sidechain, aka Bellecour, is a Proof of Authority Blockchain that aims at scaling the underling infrastructure of iExec's off-chain/confidential computing platform. It is linked to Ethereum Mainnet with a bridge that enables sending RLC tokens in both directions.

Key features & highlights

  • EVM-compatibility: Bellecour is an EVM-compatible chain so there is no need to modify contracts in order to deploy them on the sidechain.

  • Block time: a block is sealed every 5 seconds which is, on average 3 times faster than Ethereum Mainnet.

  • Block size: 6,700,000 gas limit per block.

  • Gas price: No transaction fees are applied.


Currently, the Sidechain is running with 8 validators, some of them are not controlled by iExec which makes the chain more decentralized and resilient. The governance of the chain is managed through ballots and votes.

Governance Dapps


By default, all operations related to iExec's Marketplace such as deploying Dapps/Datasets/Workerpools and running tasks are allowed without any authorization. However, developers who want to deploy custom Smart Contracts need to send a whitelisting request using the following link.


Tasks on iExec's off-chain/confidential computing marketplace are paid with ERC20 RLC tokens. Users wanting to interact with the platform need to bridge RLC tokens from Ethereum Mainnet to the Sidechain.

Tokens on the Sidechain are directly linked to RLC token on Ethereum Mainnet. No new tokens are created on the Sidechain without locking the equivalent on Mainnet. The bridging operation follows the lock & mint / burn & unlock principle. When sending tokens from Mainnet to Bellecour, the bridge locks the initial amount on the source chain and mints the equivalent on the destination chain. When going in the other direction, it burns tokens on the Sidechain and unlocks the same amount on Mainnet. The bridged asset is called xRLC on Bellecour.

1 RLC = 1 xRLC

It is to be noted that RLC is an ERC-20 token on mainnet while xRLC is the native token of the Sidechain.

Users can send tokens from the Ethereum Mainnet to the iExec Sidechain or vice-versa using the Account Manager available across all iExec products.

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