Quick start

A worker is an essential actor of the iExec Network. It will be in charge of computing tasks sent by requesters on the iExec Marketplace.

The iExec Worker participates in a workerpool by computing tasks purchased by requesters on the iExec marketplace. The iExec Worker must connect to the iExec Core Scheduler of the workerpool to actively participate in the computation.

A worker will be rewarded with RLC for every properly computed tasks.

Please note that:

  • your wallet must be loaded with RLC. Some RLC must be deposited to your iExec account in order to stake for incoming tasks.

  • your computer needs at least 2 CPUs.

Start a worker

Find a workerpool which allows your worker to connect.

As an example of how you could deploy you own worker, you can check the configuration documentation of the Worker Pass.

For security reason, it is highly recommended to launch your worker in a virtual machine.

After having loaded some RLC and deposited them to your iExec account, you can start your worker.

When the worker initialization process is complete, the worker will be started and you will get something like: You worker is all set. Your worker will now be able to compute some tasks coming from the iExec network to earn some RLCs.

Wallet restriction

An exclusive wallet must be associated to your worker. You need N wallets if you want N workers.

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