iExec Protocol

Connect to iExec Sidechain

As mentioned in the Overview section, iExec Sidechain is EVM-compatible meaning that users can interact with it using their existing EVM-compatible wallets (e.g. Metamask, Portis, ...etc). The following instructions explain how to connect to the iExec Sidechain.

Option 1 - Chainlist

iExec Sidechain is listed on Users are able to easily add the network to their wallets through this website.
Add iExec Sidechain using Chainlist

Option 2 - Blockscout

iExec Sidechain could also be added to wallets directly from its explorer
Add iExec Sidechain using Blockscout

Option 3 - iExec account manager

iExec account manager is available across multiple iExec products. When used for the first time, it allows users to add iExec Sidechain to the network list of their wallets.
Login with Metamask
Select account
Add network
Switch network

Option 4 - Manually on Metamask

Open Metamask and click on Add network
Open network manager
Select Add a network manually
Add a network manually
Enter the following chain details and click on Save:
Network details