Update secrets in SMS [2023/12/04]

iExec is rolling out an upgraded version of iExec SMS (Secret Management Service).

Any assets (such as Apps or Datasets) that are using secrets created prior to this date will no longer be supported after the migration. Requesters will also be affected and will need to take certain actions to retrieve results and generate encrypted results.


The update will take place on December 4, between 13:00 and 16:00 UTC.

Push secrets with CLI


If your application uses a secret, push it to the SMS (Secret Management Service):

iexec app push-secret <app-address> [options]


Push your dataset secret to the SMS:

iexec dataset push-secret <dataset-address> --secret-path <secret-path> [options]


Requesters must log in to the Result Proxy to store their results. To use the result encryption feature, they must also push their public key to the SMS.

Storage key

Login to the Result proxy:

iexec storage init

Encryption key for results

Push your encryption key to the SMS:

To generate your encryption keypair

iexec result generate-encryption-keypair
iexec result push-encryption-key [options]

Requester secret

Publish your requester secret to the SMS

iexec requester push-secret [options]

Push secrets with JS library

You should proceed to push all associated secrets to your assets in the Secret Management Service using methods similar to the ones employed with the CLI, which were previously presented on this page.

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