iExec Protocol
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Build with a TEE framework

Before going any further, make sure you managed to Build your first application.
After understanding the fundamentals of Confidential Computing and explaining the technologies behind it, it is time to roll up our sleeves and get hands-on with enclaves. In this guide, we will focus on protecting an application - that is already compatible with the iExec platform - using SGX, and without changing the source code. That means we will use the same code we previously deployed for a basic iExec application.
Two TEE frameworks are supported on the iExec platform:
  • Scone
  • Gramine
Today, it is not possible to build a TEE application for a SGX enclave from a laptop based on an ARM architecture like the latest MacBook Pro devices. Before going further, please ensure you are working on a x86_64 compatible device like a laptop, a server or a virtual machine properly configured with previously mentioned required tools.
It is strongly recommended to work with an Ubuntu 20.04 LTS installation due to limitations on supported C libraries in Scone and Gramine frameworks.


At a high-level, Scone protects the confidentiality and integrity of the data and the code without needing to modify or recompile the application. With native Intel® SGX technology, the OS is not a part of the Trusted Computing Base (TCB) hence system calls and kernel services are not available from an Intel® SGX enclave. This can be limiting as the application will not be able to use File System and sockets directly from the code running inside the enclave. The Scone framework resolves this and reduces the burden of porting the application to Intel® SGX.
More precisely, Scone provides a C standard library interface to container processes. System calls are executed outside of the enclave, but they are shielded by transparently encrypting/decrypting application data. Files stored outside of the enclave are therefore encrypted, and network communication is protected by Transport Layer Security (TLS).
For a deeper understanding, you can have a look to the official Scone documentation.


Gramine is able to run unmodified applications inside SGX enclaves, without the toll of manually porting the application to the SGX environment.
For a deeper understanding, you can have a look to the official Gramine documentation.

Let's build

Following steps will show you how to build a Confidential Computing application. The environment you are about to use is a "develop" environment:
  • which can be reset at any time
  • where configurations and secrets might be inspected (debug enclaves)
When your developer discovery journey is complete, please reach the production section.